2018 Event Graphics & Print | FM Connect
2017 Corporate Event Award Video Reels
2017 Event Production and Videography
2015 TEGNA TALK Open
2013 Event Logo Loop MEANY
2012 DOE Event Set Design
2010 Corporate Event Post Production DVD
2010 Corporate Event Theme Content / Video Rolls
2010 DOE Event Set Design
2010 P&B53 Set Design
2010 Legacy Of Care Event Set Design
2010 Z-Plasma Digital Signage
2010 AV Demo Highlight Reel
2009 Event Digital Signage Project
2009 DC Capital Foodfight AV Case Study Video
2009 Digital Signage Marriott Obama Inauguration
2009 PB53 Event Open Video
2009 ISES Digital Signage
2009 DOE Event Graphics and Video
2009 Shock Trauma Event Graphics
2008 Wildlife Habitat Council Awards
2008 OJJDP Event Video Content - Nashville
2008 PB53 Show Graphic
2007 Wildlife Habitat Council Awards Open Video
2007 Trade Show Video Loops
2007 TS2 Premiere Zone Trade Show Loop
2007 Digital Event Signage BAE
2007 AGS Gala Event Content
2007 American Ireland Fund Gala Video Content
2006 Wildlife Habitat Council Awards Open Video
2006 3D Logo Loop - HD
2006 3D Logo - US Coast Guard Foundation
2005 Wildlife Habitat Council Awards Video Content
2005 Mazda Car Show Digital Signage
2005 Government Contractors Awards Content
2005 AIPAC Conference Video Content
2005 ACG M&A Event Sponsor Loop
2005 Hughes Sales & Marketing Meeting Event Graphics
2005 Event Graphics - DC Tech Council Capital Forum
2005 The Special Event Conference Logo Loop
2004 Valor Awards Show Graphics
2004 ACG Awards Open Video
2004 Spotlight Awards Highlight Reel
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